neon power mixtape


So you’ve stumbled into this dive bar of a website, during your aimless wanderings through the web.  Pull up a stool. Have a drink. Listen to the drunken patrons sharing stories. They get a bit raucous sometimes, but you don’t mind the loud voices, the smoke, the sticky floors. It’s a dive, right?

You get a little annoyed by the old man leaning too close to breathe self-involved stories into your face. And maybe you’re a bit fed up with the rant spilling out of the sloppy girl across the bar. Her flesh spills out of her dress and she’s making a helluva scene. Maybe you should go…

But, hey…hey! check out that one. Damn. Where did that come from? Look away, quick. You’re so obvious.

But, no. no. no. it’s a dive bar. Be blatant. You feel a bit sleazy..being so blatant. But you can’t stop looking. You get up, trip, spill your beer, sit back down. The bright lights shine into your eyes, and the stories fade in and out of consciousnees. This is getting messy. You feel a bit gross.

You kind of want to stay. You look up: eyes are looking at you. curious eyes. attractive eyes.

Yea, you’ll stay.

Besides, there’s a killer jukebox.