What is neon power mixtape?


Welcomer to the mixtape. The Lovetape. The 4D.

Neon Power MixTape is a multi-dimensinal mixtape. An evolution from the analog days when hard copy, tangible mixes, complete with hand written tracks and little hearts drawn all over were passed from hand to hand. In this fully digital era, the mixtape takes a new form: it includes buttons to navigate, stories, poetry, memories, reflections. It is public to all.

This mixtape, the Neon Power MixTape, takes the body of a dive bar on the web: rough and raw around the edges, complete with mixed clientele, dark thoughts, spontaneous (sloppy?) bursts of enthusiasm and an eclectic jukebox.

Neon Power Mixtape is at its core an expression of love for music, the way we interact with it, the way it inspires, the way it bleeds into us and we bleed into it and it becomes us and we become it, both reflecting eachother, becoming eachother. Life is a mixtape: stories, romance, sex, dreams, memories, adventures, characters, the waking mythology of life today all dance together in an ecstatic beingness.

so. rock on.