love i like to get stoned and sit up in the night beneathe smog and moon and think of lovers past. my heart is so BIG! it contains so very [...]
riding the honda wave ======================================= Honda wave, my hat’s off to you. You may not be a Vincent 52, but I could shift your humble little gears all day and thrill from the trill of your engine revving up, your slight jerks as I downshift and the way my hand cramps sometimes from being so engaged on all your […]
mix. this mix is just right on. sometimes there’s a mix that just fits like an old t shirt, and putting it on feels like right…on. ha. so pure and true, it needs no bigger name than what it is: mix. when i don’t know what to do, this mix generally suits cause the mood is me. actually, […]
Tucson: Trains Sand & Seduction.
Train Big weight hurtles my Body toward no end And I move fast. Deep Song shoots through iron Bones and square bellies Screech and lunge—precious— [...]
home original post from wordDrifter someday. a real home. not a basement where the laundry machines sing their ending and puppy hound nails tap dance across the wooden floor to flop their fat bodies in and out the doggy door through the night. not a bed so soft i move positions in my sleep and hold […]
sauder your souls Sauder your souls together and you’ll bleed when you’re ripped apart. If the soul is a psychological organ, as Jung describes it, then merging souls is no less than learning to live using someone else’s lungs and heart. You aren’t filled with air unless they breathe. Your blood ceases to pump unless their heart pounds. […]
love tapes: an autobiographical history of the mixtape Love Tapes An Autobiographical History of the Mix tape (friends, family, romance and machines) WARNING: this is NOT a good mix. Making a mixtape was once a standard expression of affection, intimacy and friendship. It was a way to share music, get tunes circulating, spread the sound. Like a seed, carried in a pocket by […]
attraction is a clean thing Attraction is a clean thing. With zero interest in the male sex, or anyone, for over a month (so complete has been my utter absorption in my writing and myself), attraction comes on from out of nowhere, a pure sensibililty—familiar, forgotten, exciting— The way it takes hold with a sudden yes of the body, a […]
Mix for a Night in a City with Windows Thrown Open The first time you hear that track, the one you can’t live without, love at first vibration, it pumps inside you, you pump up the volume, awake as if for the first time.   Or, hearing a song you’ve worn t-shirts around before, a good ol’, a comfortable, an easy n good, but this time– […]

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