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this mix is just right on. sometimes there’s a mix that just fits like an old t shirt, and putting it on feels like right…on. ha. so pure and true, it needs no bigger name than what it is: mix.

when i don’t know what to do, this mix generally suits cause the mood is me.

actually, the order is dying for a rearrange. yo la tengo, you can have it all, should be in first place.

stay tuned….

OK. I made a poem out of the track list and put the mix in that order. not sure it is the best arrangement of songs, but better than before, and also, the story weaves it.

tracklist: a poem

Oh What a World.

they said: You Can Have it All:

Twenty Miles on a

Harvest Moon isn’t much.

ya, but Portland to

New York—

takes  POWA.


You’re a Passenger,

always Sunday Morning.

I’m a Roadrunner,

it’s always gonna be a Long Way Home.


San Francisco

to Harlem River

and just a Simple Twist of Fate—


How’s it Gonna End?


Somebody’s in Love:

You Look Like Rain.

You Look Like Blue Mountains.


don’t you know? To Live is To Fly.

and You Don’t Know Me:

I’m a Sunshine Superman.

and  I Am Trying to Break Your Heart.

put you in the Hospital.


You Got to Give it Up,

think of the world, Because Her Beauty is Raw And Wild,

and The Samba da Bencao is not

Just Me and You.


*Samba da Bencao=The Sacred Samba

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