Tucson: Trains Sand & Seduction.

3 May 2018 - Uncategorized


Big weight hurtles my
Body toward no end
And I move fast. Deep
Song shoots through iron

Bones and square bellies
Screech and lunge—precious—
Forwards—I clank, shake,
Ramble shout, seduce

Dreams, push air, pull souls,
Rape tracks—roar—I spit
Joy and steel and fear and
Freight and—I glory!

I shatter through
Land—largely, lovely—
Plunder sweet, settled
Minds—fill them with me:

Clattering self, free.
Wind through my steamy
Hair streaming my sides
I rage through rain, my

Heart beats chug a lug
Over my open
Lover—she showers
Me with dust—I leave

Tracks on her belly,
Suck-breathe her wind-breath
And rub hip-curve hills.
I howl long. I wail

My power through dark
Desert nights stalking
Hearts of lovers—all
Mine—who want me

Unbored and free to
Rumble, ramble down
Rascally tracks. Ride
My rail—I dare.

One thought on “Tucson: Trains Sand & Seduction.

Benjamin Petlock

Love it!


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